Bikini Bottoms

For anyone who's uncertain what the Brazilian style is, it's simply a low-rise and cheek-exposing style that allows the wearer to show off a bit more skin than your typical bikini. Below are several Brazilian cut bottoms that are available so you're sure to find something flirty and eye-catching that suits you.

Brazilian Bikini
Like the style and look of the average bikini brief but want to show off just a bit more skin? The Brazilian bottom is your answer. This style has the same low-rise and front coverage that you'd expect, but with less material in the back. Your rear still gets a moderate amount of coverage, but with the skimmed off sides, you'll be letting a little more skin peek out.

micro thong bikini

Brazilian Full Pucker Bikini
Like the full pucker style but not all the full coverage? Then check out the Brazilian Full Pucker. The cut of this bottom is the same as the typical Brazilian style with moderate coverage, but in the center is a full length of ruched stitching. In this bottom, you get to show off some extra skin and show off the shape of your curvy rear.

micro thong bikini
Brazilian Full Pucker

Brazilian Half Pucker Bikini
Pucker bottom bikinis are growing in popularity for one simple reason: the style helps to show off your butt. Mix that in with a Brazilian bottom and you get a style that lets you show off your rear in different ways. The sexy cut of the Brazilian lets you exposes a bit more skin, while the half length of pucker detail helps to outline your butt.

micro thong bikini
Brazilian Half Pucker

Rio Pucker Bikini
A Rio pucker bikini bottom is a variation of a Brazilian cut bottom. The front and back of a Rio pucker come up higher and the crotch is wider, all of which provides a little bit more in the way of coverage. This style is a great compromise between a full coverage bottom and a smaller cut Brazilian bottom; offering a slightly more conservative take on the Brazilian style, but not enough to take away from the overall sexy design women love.

rio pucker
Rio Pucker

Boyshort Bikini
Many women are fans of the boyshort and want the bikini bottom version to wear out to the beach. If that sounds like you, take a look at the Brazilian Boyshort. These bottoms are styled exactly like the boyshort panty only these can be worn as swimwear. They have the same low-rise styling with full coverage in the front and wide sides. The back has coverage for the top half of your rear while the rest can tan in the sun.

boyshort bikini

Other Bikini Bottom Styles

If you're looking for a skimpier look than the typical brazilian cut, we've got some great suggestions. These bottoms offer a lot less coverage and are known as micro bikini styles. If you're looking for that full body tan with minimal tan lines and a super sexy look then this style bottom is exactly what you're looking for.

Micro Thong Bikini
If you want a Brazilian bottom with the most minimal amount of coverage, you're looking for a Micro Brazilian. The Micro Brazilian, as the name suggestions, has only a scant amount of coverage in the front. This low-rise bottom usually has narrow side straps that connect to a g-string in the back, allowing for maximum cheek exposure! This style is certainly not for anyone who's shy, so if you're feeling bold, give this bottom a try!

micro thong bikini
Micro Thong

Thong Bikini
If you like the idea of the Micro Brazilian but want a little bit more fabric to keep you covered, check out a Brazilian Thong. These bottoms offer ample coverage in the front and still have a low rise. The back, however, is coverage that's somewhere in between the Micro style and the traditional Brazilian. If you aren't a fan of g-strings, this is a great option. These bottoms are definitely still cheeky so if you feel comfortable showing off a sexier side, the Brazilian Thong is for you.

thong bikini
whaletail thong bikini
Whaletail Thong